Weight loss: Kirstie Allsopp made diet plan change and exercise to shed two stone

Kirstie Allsopp is well known for presenting property shows including Location, Location, Location and Love It or List It. She has turned heads with her recent weight loss transformation.

She told Mail Online: “I decided that I was being irresponsible as a parent and a partner and it had to go.”

What diet plan did she use?

Kirstie turned to what she was eating when she first started to slim down.

The Location, Location, Location host explained eating three meals a day helped to give her structure.


She said: “I eat three meals a day – I do not leave the house without having breakfast.

“What is key is having five hours between meals and not having anything except water during those five hours.”

Kirstie also figured out which foods worked best for her and swapped stodgy carbs for healthy greens.

Speaking to the Sun, she added: “For me, one of my things is that potatoes don’t suit me. I don’t eat them anymore.

She added: “On a working day, I get up at 6.15am and I’m straight into my exercise kit for a workout.

“I run up hills and then walk down them. At 7am I wake the kids.”

By making small changes in her lifestyle, the TV star reportedly shed an impressive two stone.

She has managed to maintain the transformation by keeping up her diet and exercise regime.

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