3 ways to use cactus to lose weight

Today every tool natural origin that brings us closer to living with greater health and lose weight, it is well received. Not in vain the current nutrition trend invites us to base the diet on the consumption of super-foods, which are those seasonal products that shine for their high nutrient density.

The good news is that nature is wise and puts at our fingertips everything we need to lose weight with health, well-being and above all long-term. In recent months one of the foods that has attracted the most attention to international level, for its benefits for promote weight loss it is nopal.

The properties nutritional and healing of the nopal They are serious, it is a plant belonging to the cactus family It inhabits all of America and grows wild. It is one of the most emblematic local products of the Mexican gastronomy and it is also used as a great remedy natural to treat various health conditions.

It has a study of interest, in which the therapeutic properties nopal are directly related to benefits to stimulate and improve the functioning of the main body systems: nervous, immune, circulatory, digestive and respiratory. Much of its medicinal benefits are related to its unmatched nutritional composition, it is striking that it is a plant very rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium. It also stands out for its content in carbohydrates, nitrogenous components, vitamins A, B and C, a lot fiber Y chlorophyll. Last but not least, the nopales provide 18 of the 22 amino acids that the body needs to function properly.

About the benefits of cactus for weight loss:

The nopal is one of the foods most popular in America to lose weight, your slimming benefits are related to several aspects, among which the following points stand out:

Very rich in fiber: The high fiber content of cactus helps to regulate appetite and reduces the amount of accumulated fat in the body, in such a way that the habitual consumption of the cactus creates a mechanism that facilitates the organism to break down and excrete fat.
The power of amino acids: One of the great nutritional qualities lies in its contribution in essential amino acids, which are associated with numerous health benefits. Regarding the weightloss, these substances help the body to remove fluids from tissues into the bloodstream, which reduces cellulite and fluid retention.
Metabolic benefits: The amino acids of the cactus provide energy and they are of great help to reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance and are perfect for treating some nutritional deficiencies. In addition, the star benefit of nopales is related to their ability to balance blood glucose levels, at the same time is associated with great qualities to strengthen the liver and pancreas, in such a way that its consumption increases sensitivity to insulin. The above in a very specific way benefits weight lossas it helps stimulate glucose movement from the blood into the cells of the body and end up using glucose as energy. The nopal also has the ability to slow down digestion of carbohydrates and consequently, insulin production will decrease.
Reduces high cholesterol levels: The habitual consumption of nopal has a cholesterol-lowering action, the reason is simple and is related to its composition rich in amino acids, fiber and vitamin B-3, substances that can help lower total cholesterol, triglyceride levels and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, these factors help the body to metabolize fat Y remove excess bile acids from her body.

3 ways to lose weight with nopal:

1. Green nopal juice

The nopal juice benefits for lose weight, each day are more valued and acclaimed. Between his great qualities is your detoxifying power, which is very useful for the body to eliminate everything it does not need. At the same time his high in soluble fiber and insoluble accelerates intestinal transit and is helpful for improve digestion, fight the constipation and inflammation. Start the day with a green vegetable juice and nopal, is a powerful natural remedy for lose weight and gain health.

Nopal juice. / Photo: Shutterstock

2. Nopal salad

One of the great advantages of nopal as an ingredient for boost weight loss, lies in your immense versatilityas it can be used in green juices and smoothies raw, roasted or steamed to create delicious low calorie salads. It is a wonderful light and satiating vegetable To be mixed with all kinds of vegetables and seeds, in Mexico it is usually prepared with tomato, onion, coriander, lemon and olive oil. To integrate nopal salads in the daily diet, is the perfect ally for lose weight and decrease caloric intake, and of course a wonderful alternative to complement the main meal or one rich light dinner.

Nopal Salad. / Photo: Supplied

3. Nopal soup

Normally we usually associate the nopal in juices, smoothies and salads, which stand out for being fresh and light dishes, ideal for hot days. However, nopales are also a rich option for create warm and comforting dishes, such is the case of the nopal soup, which is very low in calories, satiating and perfect for combat anxiety about eating. A good tip is to prepare a nice batch of soup and consume it as part of meals and of course as a delicious winter snack.

Nopales and beans soup. / Photo: Pexels

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