Reasons Why Should You Include Indian Food in Your Meal

Indian food is usually not considered to be a better food choice when it comes to weight loss. As it contains a high amount of carb and fat in most of the meal and dishes, people find it difficult to adjust them in their diet plan. Most people prefer western foods like oats, yoghurt, salad while dieting. But the problem is with the way the Indian food is prepared or the quantity used.

Moreover, Indian foods are packed with nutrients, which can help you to reduce weight and also keep you fit and healthy. But it is possible only when you prepare and have it properly.

Here are some of the reasons why you should include Indian food in your diet:


Indian spices like turmeric, clove, black pepper, cumin and mustard seeds do not only add flavours to the dish, but are also packed with healthy nutrients. They are known for their potential health benefits which are also used for medicinal purposes. These spices have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that prevent chronic diseases. It also helps to keep you full for a long time and speed up the weight loss process by removing impurities from the body and increasing the body metabolism.

Healthy fats

Use the right kind of fat in the right quantity for healthy dishes. Prepare your food with the right amount of mustard oil, coconut oil or ghee. Excessive use of oils can harm the body and can cause many unwanted diseases.

Nutritious grain

Make chapatis with an alternative of wheat like bajra, ragi and jowar. It will be a healthy alternative to deviate yourself from high carb wheat. The chapatis made from the whole-grain flour will have rich nutrients including protein, folate, calcium, iron and magnesium.

Home-made food

Indian foods are freshly prepared at home, which makes it healthier. You can make your own chapatis or rice to other curries using healthy and nutritious ingredients. It will also aid in the weight loss process. Home-cooked foods are always better than processed foods.

Multiple cuisines

Try having a variety of dishes and meals so that you are not bored. It will also give you a different flavour for each dish. And you are lucky as India have multiple cuisines you can try. Poha, idli, sadudana khichri, upma and cheela are some dishes you can try to stay motivated to reach your weight loss goal.

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