What happens in the body when you eat snacks all day

This year we have all spent considerably more time at home and of course it has been related to numerous benefits, however for some anxiety to eat has increased. The reality is that being at home makes us more susceptible to have all kinds of cravings throughout the day, in such a way that it becomes normal to constantly open the refrigerator and search for cravings in the pantry.

For some enjoy various snacks in the course of the day and afternoon snacks, they find it a harmless eating habit and even healthy. But nevertheless eat sandwiches at various times of the day, it will not bring anything good to your health.

The truth is that it has A study in which it is confirmed that almost the 94% of Americans eat sandwiches at least once a day, in fact it is a number that is increasing. While diverse nutrition specialists considered as an important element in various diet plans, the consumption of snacks; it’s essential eat quality food and in the right amounts.

Today the current nutrition and health trend, promotes the consumption of super-foods that are distinguished by being the alternatives most nutrient dense and healthiest on the planet. Its consumption is associated with benefits for strengthen the immune system, prevent disease, live longer and lose weight. In such a way that currently we all want eat better; That is why if you are one of those who constantly consume snacks during the day, it is essential to understand what actually happens in the body.

1. Higher caloric intake

Of course, one of the most obvious consequences of eat more throughout the day, translates into a increase in total final calories. The truth is that if we consume more calories than the body needs, it is very likely to present a increase in body weight. It is true that it has studies in which, various nutritionists recommend enjoying a snack during the day, especially in the long period between lunch and dinner. It is important avoid the consumption of empty calories that don’t really bring satisfaction. That is why it is key snacking wisely, a well-balanced mini meal, is the only way a snack could promote weight loss. Choose a healthy mix of sources of protein, fiber, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

2. Recurrent inflammation

It is well known that inflammation is a immune system response and that is considered as a defense mechanism of the body, to heal any health issue more easily and quickly. However when inflammation becomes chronic, is the main cause of various degenerative diseases that negatively affect health and immunity. Such is the case of the information released in A study of the year 2017, in which it was proven that eating snacks repeatedly can cause serious problems in the immune system. On the other hand various doctors agree that we have now become a snack culture, which on many occasions are not healthy, make us eat more and semi-constant form for the whole day. These eating habits that we have acquired as a society intervene in many alterations in schedules and they practically make the body receive food almost during 16 hours a day. This state is one that stimulates the activity of the immune system, since it triggers the production of a transient inflammatory response. In such a way that if you usually snack on food all day, you are subjecting the body to a almost constant state of inflammation and considerable stress on the immune system.

3. Probable weight gain

Eat more throughout the day, increases caloric intake. The truth is that to lose weight it is essential burn more calories of which we consume, that is, through food and physical activity, cause a caloric deficit. Even if it is small meals, is a habit that is related to weight gain. Weight gain is expected to be faster if the sandwiches are big, very protein Y rich in fat. In fact there is a research work published by BBC News, which found that compared to the 1970s, the average American consumes about 600 more calories per day. In such a way that this drastic increase is considered one of the main causes of the generalized obesity throughout the United States, it is therefore essential to choose very healthy and low calorie snacks.

4. It can help you avoid overeating

Unfortunately, the only positive aspect eating snacks during the day is that you can avoid overeating at the time of Main meals. At the same time it is of great help to control appetite and combat anxiety to eat, in such a way that when it is time to have lunch or dinner in a natural way the body does not cry out for energy. Also coming to main meals so hungry makes let’s eat more and above all it encourages us to take unhealthy dietary decisions, which will ultimately result in a significant weight gain.

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