Weight loss diet plan: Eating early in the day does not help people slim down

Eating early in the day or eating during specific windows of time has no effect on weight loss. The study has shown this commonly held belief may not be as true as many think.

“In this study, the only thing we changed was the time of day of eating.”

So, it’s not always essential to scoff down breakfast first time.

It also might go to show a recent trend towards intermittent fasting in dieting may yield results thanks to a placebo effect.

Intermittent fasting typically involves only eating within an eight-hour window daily, sometimes fewer hours.

The 5:2 diet, where dieters eat only 500 calories two days of the week while eating normally the other five, is a form of intermittent fasting too.

Eggs are full of nutrients and protein, boosting the metabolism and keeping you full – according to the science.

David Wiener, Training Specialist at AI-based fitness and lifestyle coaching app Freeletics told Express.co.uk: “Eggs are rich in protein and are full of vital vitamins and minerals.

“Because they are high in protein, eggs can help to decrease your appetite, making you feel fuller for longer and even helping to reduce the amount you eat throughout the day.

“Eggs also contain an amino acid called leucine which acts as a catalyst in your body to burn fat and maintain muscle mass.”

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