A few threads! Ana Cheri almost does not put anything on

A few threads! Ana Cheri almost does not put anything on | Instagram

One of the favorite models of Internet users is Ana Cheri who in recent years has become extremely popular due to his intense photographs where he tends to show off his charms without any shame, such as the photo he shared in which he appears with a tiny Swimwear two-piece that is barely held by a few thin threads both above and below.

Ana Cheri It is characterized by being always in fashion and has even imposed it, for some time the 34-year-old girl launched a line of sportswear with which in addition to exercising you can also look phenomenal.

We have seen her on several occasions show off her own clothes, she has several models and the best of all is that she adapts to any type of body, proof of this she shared a video a few weeks ago w here several women with different figures appear, thanks to this is that their sportswear perhaps became more famous and gave the security to all kinds of people to be able to use them and feel good about their bodies.

The young internet celebrity has also conquered the market on Youtube where she has shared several videos where she appears sharing some tips on beauty, nutrition and even exercise because it is also Ana Cheri She is a fitness coach like her husband Ben Moreland.

Surprisingly, Ana Cheri was born in Anaheim, California, United States, just like Joselyn Cano, another of the great Instagram personalities with whom some Internet users have compared on some occasions because they both love the gym, are entrepreneurs and celebrities on Instagram.

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Unlike Joselyn Cano, the pretty Ana Cheri She is already married and does not speak Spanish, and she does not have prominent curves, which seems to have become quite fashionable today among show business people, she rather has a most natural figure, which she works hard on the gym and maintains a strict diet with which sometimes she indulges in delicious snacks without guilt because they are prepared with ingredients that you can consume, she has shared some recipes herself.

In his photograph that he published on June 17, he appeared standing near a pool enjoying the sun, the two-piece swimsuit in color and animal print pattern attracted attention due to the fact that it is fastened with quite thin threads , which might even be thought to be about to break.


Do you want to know what I did in Palm Springs? Link in BIO for all my exclusive content! There are so many things I can’t / can’t post here on IG. It’s free to follow me and I always reply to my DMs there !! “, description of your post.

Ana Cheri Like Joselyn Cano and other celebrities, she decided to open an OnlyFans page where she leaves aside the censorship of Instagram, because there she can share what she likes to be aware of what they can delete their content as the app usually would.

There have been several videos and also photographs that Ana Cheri has dedicated herself to sharing to promote said page, because in order to acquire the content, people who wish to do so must pay a monthly fee, this is extra money for the model and businesswoman.

Ana Cheri fans love to see her show off her tanned skin in each of her fiery posts, not for nothing does she have millions of followers on her official Instagram.

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