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Mike Chang is a fitness guru with a history of having a cult-like following on social media. He’s had a YouTube record that ranked at the top of many fitness lists in its day. Today he offers a fitness program online that merges the mind/body/spirit connection of getting on task with your fitness goals and following through.

An entrepreneur, an ISAA certified personal trainer, and an inspiring leader are the words many think of when they think of Mike Chang. This is his story.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

Mike Chang 

 Mike Chang, Business owner, certified personal trainer, social media fitness icon

Full Name: Mike Chang


185-195 lbs (83.9 to 88.5kgs)
5’9″ (175 cm)
37 years

Date of Birth

November 30th, 1982
2000, 2020

Early Life

Mike Chang is a fitness icon that is recognizable to many in the bodybuilding world. Like many, he traveled his fitness journey with a few problems along the way. And like many, he started the journey with a mission to succeed.

Mike Chang’s intrigue rises from the fact that he is not afraid to share the story that begins with tremendous weight loss and continues today with a six-pack admired around the world. This makes him relatable to so many of his fans and followers, many whom he has been tending to for decades.

With the success of transforming into a better version of himself physically, Mike Chang transformed his mindset as well, and is helping others do the same. His work has culminated into a fitness program that he offers to people all over the world today, to help them connect their mind, body, and soul. As Mike Chang creates success for others, he creates it for himself. His appeal comes from the fact that he has not developed his success model overnight.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

It all started out in Taiwan, where Mike Chang was born. His family came to America where he grew up in Texas. Growing up, he was overweight, and weighed 250 lbs/113.4kgs at one point in his life. Because of this, Mike Chang was not able to live the teenage social life he always wanted, and became increasingly unhappy with how he looked.

So he began to do something about it. He realized that not only would his weight impact his social life, but his health as well. And, as millions of Americans do every day, he went in search of fitness programs or trainers that would help him achieve his dream fitness goals.

It would not be long before Mike Chang realized that he had what it took to succeed. But at the same time, it did not take long for him to realize that the programs and tricks he was finding online were just gimmicks. Like many others do, Mike Chang spent a small fortune on workout programs in a desperate attempt to lose his excess body fat.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

It took two years for Mike Chang to find the body shape that he was most comfortable with. However Mike found himself on the rebound wagon more often than not, and sometimes he would gain as quickly as he had lost.

As many other gurus do, the rebound wagon would be just the push he needed to develop his own program that worked.

By the age of 24, Mike Chang had developed his own system of losing weight, and had the six-pack to show for it. Before long, he had received his certification to be an ISSA Personal Trainer, and a new life began. His dream then was to create a brand in the fitness industry that would help people.

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Mike Chang called his program the Six Pack Abs Coach, and the methods he used to motivate himself were offered to the world.

Then came YouTube. A new world called Six Pack Shortcuts was born.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

Competition and Career

It was March 1, 2010, when Mike Chang put his first video on YouTube. Within months he would know what it felt like to have a video that returned 800,000 views. He saw the need in the community, and filled it, uploading 7 more videos by September 2010. By the end of 2010, Mike Chang was releasing guides and videos to help his fans and followers build muscle.

Within three years, Mike Chang’s 200th video would appear on a YouTube channel that was home to over 200 million views.

It was not long before Mike Chang began to realize that it was time to consider the next chapter in his business life.

But first, he needed a break. Come 2015, Mike Chang began to experience some mental burnout after an injury to his back that almost took him out of the fitness game. He began to look for ways to emotionally and mentally heal from that trauma, and came to develop his new system he calls Flow.

With this system, Mike Chang began to implement spiritual practices into his fitness program. This included yoga, meditation, breathing, massage points, and even accountability and motivation methods to help his clients be their own best personal selves.

As he was achieving a new kind of clarity, so were many of his fans. But it was time to say goodbye to YouTube, and so he sold that channel in order to focus solely on a new business that would incorporate success at the mind/body/soul level. Mike Chang did this while still including fitness tips and tricks in order for his clients to stay motivated towards goals like having six-pack abs.

Mike Chang calls it now the Flow Training Method, and it involves a combination of tools that incorporate emotional health and physical health through the same methods.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

At the same time, Mike Chang’s Flow Training method offers fitness that promotes strength and flexibility, and a healthy body at the same time.

In this system, Mike Chang’s new clients get a daily accountability system, weekly coaching, weekly tips and strategies, a training library, and access to the Flow community.

Mike Chang Training Regime

Mike Chang’s training regime is geared towards personal success. It is developed with the most basic fitness principle – exercise burns calories. He also is a big believer in the notion that your environment contributes to your overall fitness health, and is known to teach his followers how to work out from home.

His favorite home workout looks as follows:

Half burpees
Elbow-to-knee crunch
Mountain climber
Jackknife crunch

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial


Diet and Nutrition

Mike Chang’s eating program is as healthy as you would expect it to be if you want a six-pack abs lifestyle. He eats clean but also includes variety, and highly recommends meal planning over impromptu meals.

Including sauces in his meals is a way Mike Chang brings versatility and flavor into his meal planning. He teaches this as a way of preventing junk food days. Mike also recommends lean protein, green vegetables, and complex carbs.

Another trick he brings into his food planning is eating 5 times daily. He says this keeps metabolism and fat burning high.

These are the foods on the Mike Chang DON’T list:

• Wholewheat bread
• Fruit juice
• Granola
• Sports drinks
• Organic junk food


When it comes to supplements, Mike Chang is no stranger. He even created his own at the age of 33 in 2015, but it went a little south for him.

Using his platforms on social media, Mike Chang began selling a fat burning product, but negative feedback turned this project a little sideways. The standard run of the mill haters that come along with every new fad were even accusing Mike Chang of using steroids.

The negative feedback was too much, and it was around this time that Mike Chang took a break from social media and marketing. This is the story that fills in the gap between Chang’s YouTube life with Six Pack Shortcuts and his current life with the Flow Tribe.

Photo via Instagram @mikechangofficial

He sold the channel to a friend Clark Shao, and his YouTube life came to an end. When he resurfaced as a coach, his fitness lifestyle focused on a more holistic system towards bodybuilding and weight loss. That is what is known today as the Flow Tribe.

And that is a little bit behind the scenes of the life of fitness guru and personal trainer Mike Chang. He is still on social media promoting these themes with his mind/body/soul connected fitness mindsets.

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