Should protein supplements be only limited to people who go to the gym?

Believe it or not, human minds have a weird way of action. We never know what it’s planning and how it responds. There’s a possibility that we may never know it in its full functionality. Rightly so, who doesn’t love peace and ambience? And the very thought of stress, indeed stresses us out. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel and the thereby research has it that stress can be the new social motivation that you need.

Under all the negative aspects of stress lies a special benefit that could take you by awe. The research that was recently published in the journal Stress & Health stressed on the fact that experiencing stress in workplaces or everyday lives made people both more susceptible to both asking for as well as lending out social support. This sparks an unbreakable bond of gratitude and support among various individuals which helps people strive out of the toxic environment. Also, the extended support helped people to finally come out of the feeling of extreme stress and strain.

Stressors that promote the feeling of desperation and helplessness can be varied. From arguments with someone we love and care or at workplaces to stressful events at work or school to major disapprovals at home, there are many factors. But whatever be the cause of the stress, the aftermath is almost similar. The researchers agree on the fact that on average, participants of the research were more than twice as likely to either give away or receive some sort of emotional support during times that they experienced a stressor. This has been invariably linked to most of human behaviour.

In the study, it was asserted that women, in general, were more inclined towards engaging in more giving and receiving emotional support than their counterparts. Men were supposedly less supportive in terms of their counterparts. Though affirmative, the researchers were surprised that stress was linked to people not just wanting to get emotional support, but giving it as well. Hence though stress is often not the most positive feeling yet it still has the power to drive people towards attaining somewhat emotional closures and support and at the end, this is what that matters.

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