Nutritionist Shares 4 Go-Tips That Beginners Can Bank On

Weight loss: Avoid following calorie-restrictive diets and agressive workouts in beginning


Add more vegetables to your diet
Add protein-rich foods to your lunch and dinner
Drink zero calorie drinks like plain water or coconut water

If you have just started with your weight loss journey, then this article can be of great help to you. The first few days of any change in life are usually the most difficult ones. You may constantly think of giving up and find it very challenging to adapt to those changes. When you begin with the weight loss journey, both exercising and diet regime may seem difficult to follow. Reducing your calorie intake and trying to move your body after days, weeks and even months of laziness can seem exhausting, especially the first few days.

Weight loss: Diet tips for beginners

A lot can be achieved with the help of a few tips and tricks. When it comes to working out, you must always start slow and steady. Give your body the time to adapt to workout and do exercises that challenge you but enable you to do the exercises in the right form.

Speaking of your diet regime, here a few tips that nutritionist Rachel Paul shared on Instagram. These can help you transition to your weight loss diet with the ease.

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1. Add two cups of vegetables to your meals for volume. Doing so will add more fibre to your meals. Fibre-rich foods can fill you up quickly make you feel full for longer periods of time. They satisfy your hunger while also reducing your appetite.

Add more vegetables to your meals for additional fibre intake
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2. Add around 150 gms of protein-rich foods like eggs, chicken, lentils or legumes to your lunch and dinner. They will aid muscle build up and will also keep you full. It reduces cravings as well.

3. For those with a sweet tooth, create a dessert plan for the day beforehand. You can have two pieces of dark chocolate, yogurt with honey and cinnamon, a bowl of berries or pomegranate etc. You can also have a small serving of your favourite desserts. Practicing portion control is the key.

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4. Drink as much water as you can. Stick to zero calorie drinks only. Avoid having aerated drinks, fruit juices and even diet soda. All of these drinks are laden with sugar and can disrupt your weight loss regime.

Take less stress and sleep well every day. Both these factors are important for your weight loss regime to work efficiently. Know that the more sustainable your diet and workout plan is, the better it is for you in the long run. Avoid following fad diets and aggressive workouts in the beginning.

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