Weight loss tips | Health benefits of green peas or Matar – Here is how the winter food can help in weight loss, heart health

Health benefits of green peas or Matar – Here is how the winter food can help in weight loss, heart health&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspiStock Images

Key Highlights

Peas are extremely beneficial for the body and promoted hearth health and weight loss

Consumption of green peas has been linked with improved heart health and weight loss

Peas are small seeds that are spherical in shape and are commonly known as matar in Hindi

New Delhi: The winter season is here, and the market is about to be flooded with green peas. It is time to say goodbye to the frozen peas and welcome the fresh, green peas. This wonderful food is rich in nutrients and can be extremely beneficial for the body. Furthermore, it is easily available and is simple to inculcate in the diet. You can add it to your breakfast recipes, salads and even snacks. 

Green peas are known for many health benefits, which include weight loss and improving heart health. They are also a rich source of fibre, among other nutrients, which makes them great for the digestive system. Consuming green peas is also known to help with boosting immunity, which seems to be a priority amidst the pandemic.

Calories in green peas

The average calories present in 100 g of green peas are 78 calories. This concludes that green peas are calorie-friendly food.

Nutrition facts of green peas

The nutrition facts of 100 g of green peas are as follows:


14.3 g

4.7 g

Dietary fibre
5.5 g

Vitamin C
9.9 g

5.2 g

0.3 g

0.1 g

Vitamin A
2100 IU

22 mg

Health benefits of green peas

Weight loss: Green peas are a rich source of protein and fibre. While protein can help prevent unnecessary calorie intake, fibre can help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Both the abilities combines, green peas can help with healthy weight management by promoting weight loss.
Heart health: Green peas contain antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, and potassium. These nutrients can promote a healthy heart by helping with control of blood pressure levels in the body. Furthermore, green peas have low-fat content which makes them cholesterol friendly. They can also help with regulating a healthy level of blood sugar in the body. This can help in preventing cardiovascular diseases.
Immunity booster: Vitamin C is a nutrient that can help boost the immune system of the body. Green peas contain vitamin C that can promote a healthy body by providing it with the ability to ward off diseases.
Rich in protein: Green peas are a good source of protein. This makes them a filling food and also aids in weight management as it reduces the urge to consume excess calories.  
Improves digestion: Green peas contain fibre. This can help maintain a healthy digestive system by flushing out the deleterious bacteria from the intestines.

Bottom line

Despite their immense health benefits, green peas also contain some antinutrients like lectins and phytic acid. Therefore, their moderate consumption must be practised. Excessive consumption can lead to such as indigestion, gas incomplete absorption of minerals and bloating.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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