Here’s How Jessie James Decker Maintains Her Toned Body

Jessie James Decker has no beef with cake, though, as she seems to be great at controlling her impulses.

The health and beauty secrets of stars is something that tends to disappear, buried under thousands of likes and fancy fast fashion advertising campaigns. Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter how people got the results; all that matters is what they do with it, and how well they happen to sustain. Is it inspiring seeing the photos? Absolutely. Is it the kind of thing that we wish we had more information about? Always. While some stars are militantly upfront about their clean living, others are not so outspoken. And that’s okay! We will never get the revenge body that Khloe Kardashian has, and we’re very okay with it. Like, who would we even be enacting revenge on? All the cake we didn’t eat? No thanks. Jessie James Decker has no beef with cake, though, as she seems to be great at controlling her impulses. She maintains a very toned figure, and we wanted to find out how. Was it the ever-popular pilates? A strict weight-lifting regimen? Or the Britney Spears dancing-in-your-living-room workout routine? Jessie James Decker has revealed all.

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She Isn’t Shy

One thing that people can’t say about Jessie James Decker is that she’s shy. Quite the opposite, in fact! With three kids there’s nothing that can phase her. Maybe this is why she’s managed to stick to such an ardent weight loss plan. And definitely why she’s so outspoken about her food desires too. “I am such a lover of food. Everyone around me—my friends, my family—knows it; I am a foodie. I think about food when I wake up and I go to bed thinking about if I could have another snack. I just love to eat,” which is something we were skeptical of. You wouldn’t think to look at her, but it’s absolutely the truth. This woman is passionate about food and doesn’t waste her taste buds shoveling Costco brownies into her mouth (no shade; that’s been our dinner on a few occasions). No, Jessie James Decker is a big fan of the good stuff: vegetables and protein. And cajun food.

She doesn’t even follow a particular diet. Quite the opposite, in fact. She sticks to eating at the mid-point of the day but doesn’t restrict what she eats. Portion sizes are important to her, and you’ll usually find her cutting down on the snacking rather than stealing bites of sandwiches here and there. It’s all very reasonable, and very sustainable. In fact, it’s so simple that we feel a little ashamed of those brownies. Other tips and tricks Decker suggests? Having a husband who’ll cook you turkey bacon in the mornings, and keeping your meals homecooked. That way you can use whole, fresh ingredients, and healthy fats (like Decker’s favorite, olive oil).

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Her Workouts Are Intense

And they’re almost constant.  Now, that’s mostly from running around following her kids. But she also purposefully works in some other energetic activities. In fact, she tends to squeeze in some exercises whenever she can. She’s a big fan of just throwing in some lunges or squats while she’s waiting for dinner to cook. Not to mention her regular workout routine, which she’s posted on Youtube a couple of times. Spoiler alert: you get very sweaty and it’s very hard, though very condensed and quick to complete. She doesn’t try to do anything fancy either! Lunges and squats are big, as well as some jumping jacks and mini dance breaks. Out of all the celebrity workout routines, this one seems to be the most achievable and realistic.

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All in all, Jessie James Decker doesn’t really do anything special in order to keep up her appearance. After three kids you’d expect there to be a little bit of evidence left. Or, at least a lessening of time and a lack of ability to keep up with an intense workout regimen. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Jessie James Decker, though. She manages to find time to cook for her family, run around with her kids, and stay in tip-top shape. This is not only due to her own determination, but also her good habits. While we’re sure she needed to put in some decent work to get to the level that she’s currently at in the first place, she’s now in a firm maintenance phase that features healthy fats, whole foods, and home cooking. Smaller portion sizes keep her full and allow her to eat anything she wants without feeling deprived. This seems to be the secret as to how she can manage to keep her eating under control. That whole “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle” thing. And what a lifestyle it is! While we wish we could have that coffee-and-turkey-bacon-making husband, we’ll settle for stealing her tips and tricks instead. And yes, we’ll put down the brownies… For now.

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