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Losing weight and maintaining a fit body is a struggle for many people. With thousands of diet regimens and exercise programs popping up all over the internet, many people have tried to lose weight that they think would work for them. Some have found success, while others have failed to get the results that they wanted. 

There are even some people who have entirely lost faith in their ability to lose fat. Others are struck by guilt when they remember their hardship while losing weight because they think they’re not motivated enough. But Dor Eckstein offers a different path to fitness and believes that there is a better way to lose weight? 

Who is Dor Eckstein?

Currently, at the age of 31 and living in the city of Tel Aviv in Israel, Dor Eckstein was born into an overweight family. He started to enter the nutrition and fitness industry at the age of 15, when he began going to the gym to lose weight. 

His interest in nutrition and weight loss continuously grew as he read over 4,000 academic articles on nutrition and weight loss and studied the topic in college. Now, he is proud to be a fitness instructor from Wingate College and a member of the International Sports Nutrition Organization. He developed his method of losing weight that has helped many Israelis who struggle with weight loss.

Dor Eckstein’s view on weight loss and nutrition is different from his fellow fitness instructors. While most fitness instructors place too much emphasis on motivation, discipline, self-control, and determination as to the critical components of getting fit, Dor believes that people fail to lose weight not because they tried and then gave up quickly. Instead, he believes that they struggle to lose weight because the diet and training program do not fit their lifestyle, personality, and body types.

Dor Eckstein’s Weight Loss Plan

Dor Eckstein’s general weight loss plan is usually composed of two to three large and satisfying meals a day and then performing two to three strength exercises a day without aerobic workouts. Dor says that not everyone has the time or desire for proper nutrition and weight loss as a professional bodybuilder or athlete does, and he also believes in knowing when to give the body and the mind enough rest. 

But for people who want a weight loss plan that fits their lifestyle, schedule, personality, and fitness goals, Dor Eckstein recommends them to come to his clinic in Tel Aviv or conduct a video call for those who live far away. From there, the process starts with telling him their past experiences, the food they wish to eat, their fitness goals, and exercise routines. 

After that, Dor will craft a nutrition menu and training program based on the data he gathered. The process comprises six sessions with a follow-up meeting once every month to track his client’s progress. During this time, the menu and the program could change every follow-up meeting until the client gets the body he or she desires.

There is no doubt that losing weight is hard for most people, and Dor Eckstein offers an alternative and personalized way to lose weight. For those interested in knowing more about him, you can follow his Instagram page or visit his official website.

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