This Is How Adele’s Face Has Changed Now That She Has Lost More Than 70 Kilos

This is how Adele’s face has changed now that she has lost more than 70 kilos | Instagram

The British singer has left everyone surprised by showing an incredible physical change that she has achieved after losing weight, but this has also been reflected in her face

United States.- British singer Adele has always been a very beautiful woman, without any doubt, but now that she has managed to lose more than 70 kilos after a strict diet we can notice that her features have changed too much, to the point of becoming a lot more refined and aesthetic, something that many other entertainers have sought but with fillers, botox, and injections.

But for her it has been a fortune to be able to wear a more stylized face, with more accurate proportions to her body, since we can see that the change has been complete and she was able to enjoy this during a recent edition of Saturday Night Live where for the first Once she was a presenter and managed to make all the viewers fall in love, covering a wider and more diverse audience.

At that time we saw her in different sketches, emblematic of said program, wearing a profiled face and very well made up, as they wore an elegant and youthful style for her, highlighting her beauty and the features that stand out most of her face as they are. her eyes, her lips, her chin, her nose, and her cheeks, well, pretty much everything.

This is how Adele’s face has changed now that she has lost more than 70 kilos. Photo: Instagram

The British singer dazzled with an elegant black dress with lace and delighted by singing some of her songs, showing how entertaining it is to spend a day with her. At the beginning of her monologue, we heard her sing: “Hello, it’s me”, a fragment of her song ‘ Hello ‘ and she was very happy to be present in this show on the NBC network.

“I am very happy to be able to host this show, because not only do I love it but because it is the show that launched my career in the United States 12 years ago. There was a lot of talk about me being the host and people were wondering why they didn’t invite me to sing, there are two reasons: my album is not finished yet, and I am also afraid to do both. I prefer to wear some wigs, although this is all mine “, said Adele.

Adele did not miss the opportunity to show off her beautiful and acclaimed voice live, singing her hit songs ‘Hello’, ‘Someone like you’ and ‘Rolling in the deep’. In addition, she joked during her space about her new physical appearance and commented: “I am aware that I look very different since the last time they saw me, but due to all the coronavirus restrictions I had to travel light, and I was only able to bring half of my person … this is the half I chose. “

Adele now has a more stylized face and, as always, very beautiful. Photo: Instagram

But how did Adele lose so many pounds so quickly? Well, we tell you. It turns out that the singer has shown great discipline with diets and performed popular sort food, as well as some exercise routines. Adele managed to lose up to 70 kilos with this diet that is based on proteins that are associated with aging, sirtuins; If you eat foods that stimulate and enhance these proteins, metabolism and fat burning are accelerated, according to Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, promoters of this diet.

These are the foods Adele was allowed on her diet: apples, citrus fruits, green tea, kale, dark chocolate, red wine, turkey, chicken, blueberries, and shrimp. It should be mentioned that this diet should only be carried out with the help of personnel trained in the subject and supported by different exercises.

It is thanks to everything that this diet has involved that the singer has managed to lose so many kilos in a short time, although with too much effort to achieve it, and because of what her body has changed too much, to the point of being able to wear a completely different figure than the one who was used to seeing the British woman, a great change for herself, because now she looks more confident and happy with what she has achieved.

Adele recently debuted as the host of the Saturday Night Live show. Photo: Instagram

But not only Adele is the only one who speaks with this drastic change, her fans have also spoken about the issue through social networks and have expressed that now she looks much better and even healthier, always sharing videos and photographs where we see the singer looking her best.

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