Newark Slimming World member lost baby weight ­— and then had another baby

A mother who joined a slimming group to help shed her baby weight went on to have another baby ­— and still managed to lose 2½ stone.

Rebecca Hill joined the Slimming World group run by Newark area manager Tracey Hunt in April 2018, with the aim of losing excess weight she had gained while pregnant with son Ezra.

Rebecca Bell before lising weight.(43303727)

By August of that year she had lost 2st, then became pregnant again. Having had another son, Solomon, her current total loss is 2st 6.5lbs.

“It’s taken two years and seven months ­— with a nine-month break from intentionally losing in the middle,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca Bell after losing weight. (43303729)

“I also overcame a tough hospital stay with Ezra being very ill, and the emotional recovery from that, and then this year the challenge of lockdown,” she said.

She joked that having ano ther baby sooner than expec- tedshould be highlighted as a potential side effect of joining the slimming plan.

Rebecca took up jogging in lockdown, but is taking a break since clocks went back ­— and said pushing a double buggy was good exercise.

Solomon was born in April 2019 and Rebecca had lost 1st 9lb of her baby weight when she went to her weigh-in two weeks after the birth.

She continued to attend her group weekly, taking her two young sons with her, and then joined on-screen virtual groups during lockdown.

Slimming World is helping its members stay healthy and fit during lockdown with tips from senior development manager Lara Ross.

Her suggestions include:

Fall in love with food. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to cooking. If so, you could take this time to try something new.Stay in touch. Staying connected is now more important than ever ­— and not just for weight loss.Take control. As well as following healthy eating plans or keeping up your activity, it’s important to schedule in ‘me’ time too.Get active. Exercise is good for your body and mind. Anything that raises your heart rate counts.Soothe your mind. Try mindfulness to calm you in times of uncertainty.

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