“I felt so welcomed and supported”: Walney man with hearing disability Bailey Harding’s incredible weightloss with help from Slimming World

A YOUNG Walney slimmer with a hearing disability has lost an amazing amount of weight with the help of his supportive Slimming World group.

Bailey Harding, 20, of Bermuda Crescent attends a weekly Slimming World meeting ran by group leader Karen Clarke.

He started his journey back in the November of 2019 weighing 17st 12lb and hasn’t looked back since.

Bailey said: “November 5 was my first meeting, I went on that night and I loved it.

“I felt so welcomed and supported, I never looked back and here I am now.” Bailey lost hearing in both ears as a young child after he developed an infection in the bones of his ears called the ossicles, which had to be removed at the age of six.

Bailey gave a microphone to group leader Karen to allow him to more easily take part in the sessions as it connects to his hearing aids, making sure he doesn’t miss out on any vital tips or tricks.

Encouraging others to take a leap to begin their own journeys, he said: “Just take the first step and sign up, take the leap of confidence and go for it.

“What’s the worst that could happen? The best case scenario is you get to have your dream weight and make lifelong friends in the process.”

Karen Clarke said: “Bailey is one of my younger members, he’s now lost four stone.

“He has a hearing disability but we work around that in group by me wearing a microphone that he provides, his confidence has changed so much and his eating habits have dramatically changed and he’s now really enjoying daily exercise – in fact he’s a changed person!

“He’s the life and soul of our 5pm group and didn’t miss one week right through both lock downs. I couldn’t be more proud of him and what he’s achieved.

“He’s learnt to make healthy swaps and even managed to fit food optimising in to his college life

“The members of our Walney Slimming world group absolutely love him and when he achieved his four stone award the room was full of cheering group members.”

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