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If you are one of those who cannot start the day without one steaming and aromatic cup of coffee, we have good news for you: coffee will not only be the best stimulant in the morning, there are some additions to this infallible daily habit that will be of great help to enhance weight loss.

In itself, coffee is a drink full of advantages to health. Not in vain is it one of the most consumed in the world, las investigations show that coffee is a great ally for health: helps us live longer, helps him process glucose (sugar) better and lowers the risk of suffer from health problems as is the case with Alzheimer’s, colon cancer and heart failure. However, it has been proven that mixing it with other elements are customs that can quickly derail the healthy eating habits.

Various specialists in nutrition and medicine, they agree that drink coffee It can be a magnificent therapeutic ally and his bad reputation is associated with consuming excess fat, calories and sugar in coffee. The good news is that there are some incredibly easy tricks that make coffee a great drink to fulfill our weight loss goals.

1. Avoid drinking coffee first thing in the morning

We usually believe that start the day with a steaming cup of coffee, it is a good habit to control hunger and of course fill us, activate ourselves and fill us with energy. However pausing to eat something first is helpful for control the feeling of hunger later in the day. Various nutrition specialistsn recommend, avoid drink coffee immediately in the morning and emphasize the importance of eat something light first and then enjoy coffee. What happens is that coffee is a good ally to reduce the feeling of hunger and can easily lead us to skip meals, a habit that tends to lead to Eat excessively later in the day. Similarly, it is not advisable to consume caffeine six hours before bedtime, since according to A study of the year 2013 published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine it is a habit that reduce the total amount of sleep in more than an hour. Thus bdrinking coffee too late in the day can cause a poor quality of sleep, which then leads to tiredness the next day and lack of sleep is associated with poor choices when it comes to food, activates cravings for caloric foods, greasy and sweet, what can hinder goals of weight loss.

2. Watch the type of sweetener

Sweetening coffee is a bad habit, especially when it comes to chemical sweeteners that are associated with various negative effects to health. Lyou sugary syrups and sweetened creams can cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket rapidly, cause spikes in blood glucose and in the long term they result in weight gain. To be clearer he added sugar refers to any type of added sweetener during processing or at the table, while the sources of natural sugars are found naturally in foods like fruits (fructose and glucose) and milk (lactose), according to information disclosed by the American Heart Association (AHA). Preferably avoid sweetening the coffee, in case you cannot resist opt ​​for the natural sweeteners like raw honey, agave honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, stevia, and dates. Other alternatives simple and medicinal to add flavor to coffee no extra calories, are the use of vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried lavender and peppermint extract.

3. Substitute the cream for lighter options

For those who have the habit of drink several cups of coffee a day and they usually add cream, we have bad news: this habit brings a high saturated fat and calorie content per day. A tablespoon of standard coffee creamer contains 30 calories and 2 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. It is well known that Saturated fats increase the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood, which in turn increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Worst of all is that the creams for coffee they contain many calories and his recurring consumption can cause a weight gain, according data released by National Library of Medicine from United States. A good solution and recommended by nutrition specialists, is to add half cream and half skim milk (20 calories per tablespoon) or whole milk (about 10 calories per tablespoon), will add creaminess without so much fat and Caloric intake. Another of the best recommendations is to prioritize the use of unsweetened vegetable milks, such as almond milk that contains only 2 calories per tablespoon.

4. Don’t trust sweeteners

We have been believing that the use of sweeteners is healthy, mainly because contain no calories and we usually think that they are a good ally in weightloss. However, it has been verified through a revision of 56 studies published in BMJ what substitution of sugar with Artificial sweeteners It seems have no effect on weight loss. In addition, the long-term health effects of Artificial sweeteners are still not well understood, although it is believed that negatively affect health Mainly to the intestinal flora, they are the cause of cavities, type II diabetes mellitus, overweight and obesity.

5. Add unique flavor, with orange peel

Not everything has to be sugar and cream, coffee is an immensely versatile beverage that lends itself to create delicious combinations. A great and very low calorie idea is to add a hint of flavor at the top of the coffee cup: rub an orange peel around the edge of the coffee cup to fill with aromas and flavors coffee, without caloric additions. Although it is something strange, the citrus and coffee mix He has a cult following. It is known that in popular Phoenix-Arizona coffee shops, have created a mix of orange juice with espresso that they consume as a powerful and nutritious stimulant in the mornings.

6. Create blends with flavored coffee beans

We know that the temptation to buy creams for coffee is high, especially today that we have a wide range of rich and warm flavors, yet they shine for their high in calories and sugar. A great alternative for put a spin on classic coffee, is buy a bag of flavored coffee beans, the advantage of these types of coffee is that they use natural extracts like vanilla for flavor, instead of added sugar. Best of all, you can create all kinds of combinations using your favorite flavorsyes, another great idea is add a chocolate flavor to coffee; add ½ teaspoon of cocoa beans to two cups of coffee beans in the coffee grinder. The result is simply delicious and most comforting.

7. Be careful with which foods you combine coffee

The key to success is in balance, that is why when it comes to losing weight everything influences. The benefit of morning habit to drink coffee, it depends on the combinations that revolve around it; although it is delicious dipping cookies or biscotti in coffee, it is a fact that we will be adding calories. There are incredibly healthy options to enjoy coffee, choose to consume blueberries, almonds, oats and red berries.

8. Change your strategy when ordering your coffee

We all love to ask for our favorite coffee combination in our favorite coffee shops, however it is a habit that undoubtedly add calories and saturated fat in our day to day. The good news is that some simple adjustments will be of great help to benefit weight loss: omit the use of whipped cream, syrups, jellies and any toppings like chocolate chips, are items that definitely add up in terms of sugar and calories. For extreme craving days, consider these drinks as a spice dessertwhat you enjoy occasionally after a meal and opt for the small size. Never consider them as an option everyday coffee.

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