Malaysians Impressively Share How They Spend Less Than RM100 A Month For 3 Meals A Day!

Let’s face it, the cost of living in a city like KL is hard to manage. Especially in a time like this where the state of everyone’s finances is jeopardised by the pandemic. Many of us have had to tighten our belts and manage our finances wisely. Unfortunately, even with budgeting, most of us still find ourselves spending a large sum of our savings on basic necessities like food.

But it looks like not all of us share that struggle. Recently, a few Malaysian netizens took to the Facebook page Cucicuci to share how they spend less than RM100 on food a month despite still having three meals a day!

Here’s how they did it:


Breakfast (RM 0.60 a day, RM19.20 a month) 

2 tablespoons of Milo (RM 0.34)
4 Hup Seng Crackers (RM0.30)


Lunch (RM1.50 a day, RM45.20 a month) 

*One serving of each item

Cabbage (RM0.83)
Long beans (RM0.46)
Kangkung (RM0.40)
Chicken breast (RM1)
An egg (RM0.30)
White rice (RM0.14)


Dinner (RM1.20 a day, RM36.75 a month) 

2 plain mantou buns (RM1.20)
Water (RM0)

According to the post, the total expenditure of food for the month should amount to RM99.15! Nonetheless, many netizens took to the comment section to joke about how this looked more like a diet plan instead of a budget.

“This looks more like an effective weight-loss method.”

“Eat like this, I’m sure I’ll lose weight”

While we can’t deny that this method looks effective, we’re not sure if we would try it out ourselves. Would you guys attempt this meal budget plan? Let us know what you think in the comments! 


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