Piers Morgan weight loss: New diet plan to shed lockdown weight

Piers Morgan detailed his newest diet plan to the Sun, claiming his co-star calls him names such as “Chubster”. He told the Sun he was cutting down his wine intake to one glass of wine a night.

It’s not Piers’ first attempt to slim down. He has successfully lost weight in the past.

Piers has spoken out on how he stays fit, using Hollywood for inspiration.

He quoted a famous fitness icon on his Instagram account, writing: “‘There is no magic pill’ – Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Piers has previously detailed how he works with a personal trainer living in LA.

“I really don’t want another one going on during lockdown two.”

Prior to her weight gain, Susanna lost 1.5 stone.

She did so by giving up drinking, for the most part, something her co-star Piers Morgan commended her for.

Susanna chatted about her weight loss, stating: “I feel fantastic.”

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