Keto Diet: Is this low-carb diet good for your health?

Of late, there are many diets doing rounds in the fitness world. You come across so many diets that it becomes hard to keep a track on which one is the best for you. One diet that has been part of many fitness enthusiast’s regimen is keto or ketogenic diet. Even celebrities rave about this low-carb diet. While some have branded it a fad, others claim it to be dangerous. So, is it good for you? Let’s find out. Also Read – Good fats vs bad fats: Know what to have when you go on a keto diet

Is Keto Diet Good For You?

It is a fact universally known that diet has a huge impact on the metabolism and bodily system. Adhering to a certain diet can have a huge impact on a person’s health. Keto diet too can affect different people differently. Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital, explains, “Patients with chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or other conditions may face the side effects of the diet. It is essential to consult a physician before making any dietary changes.” Also Read – 5 best ketogenic foods to burn that stubborn belly fat

“Some people might need to begin electrolyte supplementation or change medication dosages they take. Consult your doctor or nutritionist before you start any diet,” she added. Also Read – Keto headaches are real: Tips for dieters to ease the discomfort

A nutritionist will recommend a diet based on your body type and the kind of nutrition required for your body; they will suggest you the diet plan.

Dangers/ Side Effects Of Keto Diet

“When on a keto diet, you have to eat an extremely low-carb, high-fat diet in order to put your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.”

Ketosis is a state in which your body relies on fat for energy instead of carbs. This makes your body more efficient at burning fat, which can have some side effects on your body. Nutritionist Biswas points out the dangerous side effects of the diet you should be aware of:

Keto Flu

People thinking of going on a keto diet need to know about keto flu as well. Restricting your carbs intake forces your body to burn ketones instead of glucose for energy. In this process, ketones are removed from the body through frequent and increased urination. This often leads to dehydration, flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, irritability, nausea and muscle soreness. Frequent urination can also lead to the loss of electrolytes, which can exacerbate the symptoms.

Sugar Craving

Another side effect of the keto diet is sugar cravings. Carbohydrates are a source of energy and stimulation, and removal of this source of energy can result in increased sugar cravings, difficulty in concentrating and brain fog.

Other Side Effects

There are several other dangers of the keto diet that people might face, including bad breath, fatigue, constipation, irregular menstrual cycle, reduced bone density, and sleep problems.

What Must One Do To Follow A Healthy Diet?

A healthy ketogenic diet consists of about 75% healthy fat, 10-30% protein and 5-10% or 20-50 gm of carb. Ms Biswas recommends going for high-fat and low-carb foods like meats, eggs, dairy and low-carb vegetables. A good amount of vegetables should be included in your diet. Limit the intake of highly processed foods, unhealthy fats and sugary beverages. If weight loss is your goal, remember you can achieve it by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Published : December 16, 2020 4:37 pm

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