Weight loss: Biggest celebrity weight loss stories of 2020

Terming 2020 as the ‘year of good health’, Rebel Wilson left one and all amazed with her dramatic 18-kilo transformation during the global lockdown. At a time when ‘quarantine weight gain’ memes were floating on the internet, Rebel worked on her body and emerged in a fresher and fitter avatar. Her before and after pictures are poles apart!

Rebel, who let out a statement saying that she was paid to look “bigger” and comical in films suffered from years of work stress and emotional eating, which made her pile on the kilos quickly. The actress also admitted that she made it a point to make use of her at-home time to get fitter for better. She trained under fitness trainer Jono Castano Acera, followed a combination of workout regimes like HIIT, walking, resistance training for six days a week, apart from bouts of circuit training.

Diet-wise, Rebel experimented with a detox plan referred to as the Mayr Method, which has its root in traditional philosophy and preaches the value of mindful eating. Mayr Method experts believe that the key to good health and ideal weight loss is through a good, clean diet. For beginners following the diet, Mayr diet works by cleaning the body of impending toxins. Participants also go on a no-caffeine, sugar-free detox for 14 days, avoid snacking and instead, are encouraged to prep for their own meals. The rules of the diet are also similar to the Alkaline Diet, which includes having some serving of proteins, grains, nuts and seeds, vegetables (spinach, sprouts, onions, broccoli), seasonal fruits, green tea, refreshing fruit drinks such as pomegranate juice. Condiments, soup broth, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are also recommended.

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