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Tommy Snider and his client Stacy Harbertson from Master Metabolic joined us to talk all things postpartum weight loss. No gym affiliation, Tommy does his own training. ABC4’s main anchor Emily Florez says, “this is the trainer I’ve been working with. He has a few moms he’s been working with postpartum that are looking so great. Honestly, it’s inspiring to us postpartum women to see it’s possible to get your body back, and really have an overall approach to health. Mental, emotional, and physical.”

Tommy talks about results, and the pillars it takes. He says there are multiple reasons why his clients go all they way to reach their highest self. 

TOPIC: 3 categories of health


2. Exercise and the relationship it has with nutrition 

3. Mindset

Stacey is a mom on that has lost 60-70lbs and looks strong, and amazing mentally, physically and emotionally after having a child 1 year ago. That’s the reason Tommy is here, becuase he has multiple, multiple case studies of this happening every time. 

Work wit Tommy

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