Weight loss: Is it healthier to have eggs and paneer in the same meal?

Protein is the building block of life and helps to boost metabolism that supports the weight loss process. So, it seems fair to increase protein intake when trying to shed kilos. In this process, most people forget that even if the protein is good for health, it should be consumed in moderation. There is absolutely no harm in having paneer and eggs together. In fact, there are several dishes in which both the food items are used. The only thing is that you need to consume protein as per the recommended daily allowance.

Mumbai based Nutritionist, Dr Seema Khanna, also suggests that there is no harm in taking these two food products together, but you need to divide your daily protein intake equally between the three meals of the day.

“It is healthy to consume egg and paneer when trying to shed kilos. But the important part is to calculate the protein according to body weight. The total daily recommended amount of protein should be divided among the three important meals of the day,” she said.

This is because our body cannot store protein, like other nutrients. So, once its needs are met, the extra calories are used for energy or are stored as fat. This can lead to temporary weight gain. Apart from this, excessive intake of protein can lead to other health issues like dehydration, constipation and in the long-term, it can damage your kidneys.

Dr Priyanka Rohtagi, Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Apollo Hospitals also suggests that protein is important and there is no harm in combining these two foods. She asserted that a high protein diet helps to achieve better satiety and support glycemic control.

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