Malaika Arora workout routine: Know steps, benefits of weight loss exercise the actress practices

Updated Dec 20, 2020 | 09:00 IST

Malaika Arora is a well-known Bollywood actress and model. She is one of the fittest actresses of Bollywood. She follows a rigorous fitness regime to achieve her body goals.

Malaika Arora workout routine: Know steps, benefits of weight loss exercise the actress practices &nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspInstagram

Key Highlights

Malaika Arora, the super talented actress, is known for her beautiful body and extremely gorgeous figure

She practices a strict fitness routine which includes exercise as well as yoga

Let’s get to know her secret of weight loss and the benefits of her routine

New Delhi: Malaika Arora swears by her fitness routine. She has adopted several forms of exercise like Pilates, yoga, gym and a healthy diet in her day-to-day routine to reach where she is today. She is an inspiration for many. All of us want to know what she does to get that sizzling body. Malaika Arora is very active on the social media especially the gram and keeps posting about her work-out routine. She has also introduced hashtags like #MalaikasMondayMotivation and #MalaikasMoveofTheWeek wherein she posts a new exercise every week for her followers. Not only does she encourage her followers to take up the fitness challenges but also motivates them to post stories of their fitness routine. 

There are a lot of benefits of the workout routine she follows. It helps in weight loss and will help you achieve your desired body goals. There are certain steps she follows in her day-to-day routine for weight loss. You should also note that just exercising will not provide full benefits. Exercise should be followed by a healthy diet every day. Combining different kinds of exercise like Malaika does gives you variations and does not make your workout monotonous. 

Steps of Malaika Arora’s weight loss routine:

Cardio- Practice cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes. Cardio burns the most number of calories in your system. Start with walking and then switch to jogging and running gradually. 
Kickboxing- Kickboxing strengthens your muscles. It also helps you shed off the extra kilos very quickly. Its burns down body fat. 
Weight Training- Weigh training exercises for abs, back, biceps, calves, quads, shoulders, hamstrings and triceps helps you to lose weight faster and tones up your body. It gives your body the desired shape you are aiming for. 
Aerobics- Practice aerobics for at least minutes. You don’t have to step out do aerobics. You can do it at home with some energetic music and lots of dedication. 
Pilates and Bootcamp- Pilates and Bootcamp exercise are for toning up your muscles and getting a lean body. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight. It is the best form of exercise for weight loss. 
Yoga- Practice Yoga and Meditation for a healthy mind and body. There are several Asanas that Malaika practices like Balasana, Anjaneyasana, Naukasana, Malasana, Uttanpadasana, Parvottanasana and SuryaNamaskar. Yoga provides an overall development to your body. 
Dance and Hip Hop- Dancing and Hip Hop are fun activities for losing weight. You can always develop hobbies like dance which are fun to do and will break the monotony. 
Other physical activities- Activities like swimming keep you healthy and tones up your body muscles. These are easy to learn and also help with your weight loss regime. 

Benefits of Malaika Arora’s weight loss routine:

Increased metabolism
Boosts energy 
Gives shape to your body 
Burns calories 
Reduces fat 
Keeps you mentally healthy 
Strengthens immune system 

Malaika’s weight loss routine is highly productive and can be followed easily with a little bit of dedication and determination. 


 Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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