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Many working professionals are stuck in sedentary desk jobs, typing on the keyboard for hours on end. Limited free time leads to reduced mobility and causes weight gain. There is good news for those who lead sedentary lifestyles but want to lose those extra pounds of fat. Black coffee can help induce weight loss. However, the effects may not be long-term.

Bio-active compounds

Coffee contains biologically active compounds like chlorogenic acid, caffeine, trigonelline and magnesium. Such compounds aid in weight loss, as noted in a study on coffee intake and obesity.

The study also noted that men receive the most benefits of coffee intake as they are much more inclined to gain excess weight than women.

Limited calories

Coffee contains a limited amount of calories and zero fat. The best coffee brew for those looking to lose weight would be to have it black. Many like to add sugar, milk and cream to their coffee. These additives contain higher amounts of calorie as well as fat and will cause more weight gain rather than reduction.

Reduced glucose levels

Obesity encourages the development of type 2 diabetes in adults as well as children. Our glucose levels increase in excess. As per a study, chlorogenic acid, present in black coffee, has been found to delay glucose absorption and encourage healthy insulin levels.


Most people who perform desk jobs and have to remain up at night because of deadlines cannot do without their periodic caffeine boosts. While too much caffeine might to cause addiction, the nervous system stimulant can also aid in weight loss. As per a study published in Springer Link, caffeine influences the oxidation of fat cells through its effect on the nervous system.

Those who drink black coffee, regularly, say that it reduces their appetite significantly. Such effects contribute to less calorie build-up and help one shed weight.

However, another study suggests that the effects of caffeine on appetite are temporary and weak. Therefore, the effects of coffee on body weight might be temporary as well.

One may conclude that black coffee can indeed burn fat but in a limited manner.




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