Healthy Winter Snack: This Vitamin A-Rich Sweet Potato And Oats Patty Recipe Is Worth A Try

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A.


Sweet potato is full of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A.FSSAI shared recipe of a healthy snack made of sweet potato and oats.Here’s the easy healthy winter snack recipe to make at home.

Potatoes rule the Indian snacks scene. Whether it’s aloo ki chaat, aloo ki tikki or aloo chips, the vegetable is a mandatory addition to lift our small meal. In winter, however, sweet potato (shakarkandi) takes place of regular potato to be the most comforting food for snacking. Shakarkandi ki chaat seasoned with spice powders and lime juice is available in every nook and corner across the country. If this chaat somehow doesn’t impress you much, try this unique recipe of sweet potato and oats patty to whet your in-between-the meals hunger.

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has been belting out some healthy diet tips and recipes under its #EatRightIndia campaign. FSSAI recently posted this recipe of sweet potato and oats snack on its Twitter handle, and it’s already noted down in our recipe book.

Sweet Potato Health Benefits:

Sweet potato is a storehouse of various nutrients, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, fibre, calcium and iron. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta shares, “Sweet potato is full of B-carotene, a vitamin A precursor, which works to boost our immunity as well as skin and eye health.” Sweet potato is also rich in potassium, making it a great food for diabetes.

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Sweet potatoes are a source of healthy nutrients. 
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Sweet potato is combined with another healthy food of oats in this recipe.

Oats Health Benefits:

Being rich in fibre and low in calories and cholesterol, this cereal is one of the best foods for heart health. According to nutritionist Gargi Sharma, “The soluble fibres in oats help lower cholesterol level in the body, and beta glucan compound prevents the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.”
Both these foods come together to make this snack a healthy meal for immunity, diabetes, weight loss and many other health benefits.

Here’s the recipe of sweet potato and oats patty shares by FSSAI:

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Make this delicious sweet potato patty today! Have it with a bun or just as is! #RecipeRavivaar#EatRight#SweetPotato#[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]

— FSSAI (@fssaiindia) December 20, 2020

Boil the sweet potato along with some peas. Then mash them and add roasted oats and spices like mango powder, chaat masala, ginger, green chilli, rock salt and more. A dash of lemon juice adds zing the chaat. Now make patties with the mixture by pan frying them in little oil till brown and crispy.
This healthy snack is perfect to gorge on this winter!

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