These Protein Balls By Celeb Fitness Trainer Are A Perfect Way To Increase Your Daily Intake Of Protein

These protein balls can be included in your daily diet for weight loss


Protein is an important nutrient for weight loss
These protein balls are perfect for people following vegan diet
They can make for a healthy snacking option

Weight loss: Have you ever wondered of interesting ways that could make including proteins in your diet more fun and definitely less of an effort? Then we’ve got something for you. Eating proteins is important for your weight, muscles, skin and hair. It is a macronutrient which is known to be the building blocks of the body. Many of us struggle to look for ways to add more protein to your diet. Experts suggest that you must add protein-rich foods to each of your meals in order to increase your daily intake.

Sharing with us an interesting idea of ways to add more protein to your diet is celebrity fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala on Instagram.

Weight loss: Easy protein balls that you can make at home

Visit her Instagram profile and you will find that the Mumbai-based trainer has shared a Reel on how to make protein balls at home. They require some basic ingredients, most of which you may already have at home. What’s more, all ingredients are plant-based. This makes these protein balls perfect for people following the vegan diet. 

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Ingredients include red dates (120 gms), crushed almonds (2 tbsp), flaxseed powder (2 tbsp), chia seed powder (2 tbsp). cocoa powder (2 tbsp), chopped black raisins (2 tbsp), ginger juice (1 tbsp), cardamom powder (1/2 tsp), almond oil (1 tsp) and cinnamon powder (1/4 tsp).

Mix all ingredients well. Watch the video below to see how Karachiwala does it. Once the ingredients are blended in the desired consistency, take small portions of the prepared batter to make lemon-sized balls.

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Roll these balls in dessicated coconut and chill them for 15 minutes. Store in a jar and have one or more of these protein balls every day, depending on your daily intake of the nutrient.

They can be perfect to curb your in-between meal hunger pangs. They can add to your daily intake of protein and can also fill you up quickly and keep you full for longer. So if you are trying to lose weight, you must give these protein balls a try!

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