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Without a doubt one of the main objectives to submit to any diet or diet focused on weight loss, it is burn body fat and let alone the one that is lodged in the abdominal area. And of course in many cases it is the most difficult to achieve, since on many occasions despite losing weight this fat is the last to go. In such a way that we resort to all kinds of tips and recommendations that maximize our efforts and help us obtain most relevant results.

The first thing to say is that: lose weight and burn fat It needs not be a martyrdom. In fact with all Actual trends, it’s been a good time for get that idea out of our heads. Various nutritionists agree that it is much better to opt for less drastic measures, which are simple, healthy and sustainable, they end up being the best way to maintain a healthy body weight long-term.

1. Moderate fruit consumption

It is well known that Fruit is a fundamental part of all balanced diet. Regardless of the variant, the fruit is light, satiating, refreshing and very nutritious, it is a whole food that is loaded with antioxidants and fiber. Its benefits are numerous and forceful, consuming it will always be better than any processed product that contains refined sugar; it also fills us with energy and is a good ally for digestion. However when he goal is to lose weight, it is very important to limit portions to one or two servings per day, it could be the equivalent of like a cup of berries or a small to medium sized apple. While not all sugar is the same and that of the fruit is found in natural form, it is essential to know that some variants of fruits contain 15 to 30 grams per serving. Bet on consuming fruit in a controlled way or as a good alternative to fight sweet cravings, especially in people who have a sugar addiction.

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2. Limit consumption of grains and starchy vegetables

It is not about prohibiting the consumption of cereals, especially in their integral versions as is the case of oats, quinoa and brown rice; However you have to be cautious with the portions. It happens the same way with starchy vegetables, what They tend to be more caloric that many foods and of course when thinking that they are vegetables we usually eat them in excess and in preparations rich in fat and calories. The best recommendation is to limit yourself to the consumption of healthy carbohydrate sources like brown rice, whole grain breads and sprouted grains. In the case of the potato and sweet potato, try not to consume them daily and do not exceed one or two servings a day.

Potato stew. / Photo: Pixabay

3. Don’t go crazy with nuts

Yes of course nuts They’re a magnificent addition in any diet for lose weight and burn fat, not in vain the specialists recommend its daily consumption. They relate to a high in healthy fats, protein and minerals, They are also very satiating which directly benefits weight loss … but don’t go overboard. It’s very important to be conscious of the quantity that we consume, let’s not forget that they have a high fat content and therefore, calories. In fact, it is very recurrent that people tend to exceed their daily consumption, to be more precise: a tablespoon of nut butter has around 100 calories; a handful of nuts has a 150 calories. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, do not overdo it and use them as a supplement to enrich all kinds of dishes.

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4. Stop eating after dinner

by following a controlled and balanced diet, that includes a good breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks, you are contributing the optimal amount of food that the body needs to function well. So if you usually continue to eat after main meals, don’t be surprised by a weight gain since these unnecessary cravings only translate into unnecessary calories. Especially the habits of eat late night snacks, are usually the most difficult to overcome especially when it comes to sweet foods. In such a way that if it is late and you can’t resist the longing for something sugary, do not give in and choose to consume a piece of fruit, a cup of strawberries and accompany it with a tea. You will quench hunger and stand firm.

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5. Monitor your daily food intake

Be aware of what we eat throughout the day can completely change our perception and on many occasions there is the answer to the failures to lose weight. There is research, which supports that have a control of what we consume throughout the day, helps eat less. Today there are very good apps that facilitate dynamics, you can also have a notebook intended for it or even use the notes section on your phone. Some types to make it easier for you to join:

Write down what you eat at each meal, including drinks, side dishes and dressings.
Record separately the intake of fruits, grains and starchy vegetables.
Record the consumption of natural water per day.
Write down the cravings that occur and which ones do you meet.
Record per day (upon awakening) the quality of sleep and how many hours Do you sleep.
It is recommended to integrate how you feel and monitor your body weight once a week (without obsessing).

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6. Drink more water

We will not tire of repeating it: drinking water is indispensable in weight loss, the elimination of toxins and the good functioning of the whole organism. Make sure you consume it in the correct proportion, a good formula: toTip to your weight divided by two in ounces and you will get the ideal amount. So if you weigh 200 pounds, that’s 100 ounces of water, or 12.5 8-ounce glasses. Also try to drink more water the days you exercise, when you feel a headache or anxiety about eating The water is incredibly satisfying and in fact on many occasions we usually confuse hunger with thirst.

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