Missed Your Workout Today? Here’s What You Should Do Instead Of Feeling Guilty

Weight loss: Stop beating yourself up for that one workout you missed


When you have missed workout, don’t stress about it
Get prepared for your next workout instead
Schedule it as soon as you can

Weight loss: How do you feel when you miss your workout? Inevitably guilty would be a first. But, do you also overcompensate by exercising for an extra hour, or doing exercise with heavier weights, etc? If yes, then you need to stop right now! Exercising more or lifting weights that are heavier than your capacity can severely increase your risk of an injury, and may make you extremely sore. Whether you are trying to lose weight or if you are trying to gain muscle or simply get fitter, your attitude towards exercise needs to be more holistic and definitely more sustainable.

Weight loss: What should you do when you miss your workout?

Kayla Itsines, Sweat fitness trainer, says that you must not stress at all about missing a workout. “It’s inevitable that there will be times when things come up and you just physically can’t do your workout, and you need to cancel,” she writes in the caption of her Insta post.

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Instead of feeling guilty and beating yourself up for missing that one workout, you should quickly get prepared for your next workout and schedule it as soon as you can. Write down exactly what body part or muscle group you are going to train. Get ready with the equipment you may need for it, your workout clothes, shoes, water bottle, towel, and your playlist too.

In case you have missed a workout, prepare for your next one as soon as possible
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No matter what, don’t give up. Do a small-duration workout like Tabata or HIIT. Go for a quick run or go cycling. Any form of activity that challenges you physically, can make the cut.

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Reward yourself for taking the very decision to workout. These are all effective ways to keep you motivated at all times. Instead of pushing yourself down for missing one workout, these are things that you should actually do.

On the other note, Merry Christmas everyone!

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