Anfisa Schools Trolls For Judging Her Body, Tells What’s Fake

Anfisa slams trolls who say that she has achieved this sculpted look after cosmetic surgeries. She gets candid about what’s real and what’s fake!

The former 90 Day Fiancé star Anfisa Arkhipchenko recently slammed the people who credit her super toned body to cosmetic surgery. She is hitting back at such trolls and said that her sculpted body is real, except for her boobs.

Many TLC viewers know Anfisa from 90 Day Fiancé season 4, in which she appeared alongside her now ex-husband Jorge Nava. She was just 20 years old at the time and often acted impulsively and immaturely. However, after Jorge got arrested, she thought of turning things around. She started working out and planned to compete in the NPC bikini division, and eventually won several prestigious titles. She also became a certified personal trainer in November 2019. Today, she’s known as one of the hottest fitness models. Most of the 90 Day Fiancé fans are proud of her achievements and often motivate her by leaving lovely comments on her Instagram pictures. Some are so impressed that they even ask her for tips on weight loss or weight gain. 

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However, some think that her body isn’t real, and she has achieved this mind blowing physique after undergoing cosmetic surgery. Anfisa took to her Instagram to clear this misconception once and for all. She recorded a video of her standing in front of the mirror while showing off her toned abs. She told her haters that she was working out the “next day after Christmas festivities” and she prioritized her gym routine before going for “dinner with my bf’s family.” The 25-year-old fitness trainer likes to workout “6-7 days a week. challenging myself and pushing my limits.” She urged her haters to stop “trying to justify your lack of motivation by telling yourself that I had surgery.” Anfisa concluded her post by saying that her body is real and her boobs are fake. Check out her Instagram post below:

It’s clear from Anfisa’s gym flexes and workout videos that her body transformation is a result of constant hard work and lots of sweat. Her body muscles can be seen in many of her IG posts, which can hardly be accomplished by cosmetic surgery. Most of her fans agreed with her and said things like, “No amount of surgery will get to where your body is..your an inspiration to many including me and your hard work pays off,” “These people are so dumb. You can clearly see this is all natural,” and “it’s not a fake booty for sure because it’s proportional and actually looks good.”

Earlier, the former TLC star Anfisa revealed that she did have a boob job to enhance her beauty. She also likes to have a few touch-ups, such as lip fillers and botox injections, to have a flawless look. Still, it would be wrong to say that the 90 Day Fiancé alum Anfisa achieved this strong and healthy physique after paying for surgeries.

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Source: Anfisa Arkhipchenko/Instagram

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