Remembering Dr Watsa Through his ‘Sexpert’ Tips

Dr Mahinder Watsa, India’s most popular sexual health expert and columnist, has passed away in Mumbai. He was 96. His family announced the news of his demise in a statement and said, “Dad was a man of many dimensions. He lived a glorious life and on his terms. Today, we would like to celebrate his life as he has passed on to join his beloved Promila.”

Watsa grew up in undivided India and studied medicine to become an ob-gynec. However, he found himself counselling pregnant women and helping with cases of marital feud and sexual abuse. In the start of his career in 1960s, Watsa dispensed medical advice in a women’s magazine. He also worked as consultant for the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI).

He later took up counselling and sex education in 1980s as he gave up his practice.

Apart from his work in the field of sex education and family planning, his column Ask the Sexpert in Mumbai Mirror was something that set him apart as he answered people’s queries with diligence but graced with wit and humour. In fact, it was Watsa that inspired Boman Irani’s character– sexologist Dr Vardhi, in Mikhil Musale’s film Made in China (2019).

With the kind of profession he chose for himself, Dr Watsa was naturally flooded with many strange questions around sex. It was also at a time when the Internet did not exist, and access to sex education was limited.

One among the myriad strange questions about sex that Dr Watsa received was from a man who said he felt attracted towards his goat and wanted to know if the feeling was normal. The doctor slayed it in one line telling the man to ask the goat how she would feel about it.

We put together some specimens from Dr Watsa’s column that holds testimony to his expertise in wit.

If a woman goes to her parents’ home from her in-laws, how can one get to know whether she had sex with her former boyfriend during the visit?

A. Are you looking to be a detective or private eye in your spare time? There is no way to know so it is best to just trust your wife.

I fantasize about different men while having sex with my husband. Could this be considered infidelity? What should I do? I don’t feel attracted to my husband.

There is nothing wrong in playing fantasies out in your mind as long as it does not affect your relationship otherwise. Nurture your relationship with your husband and get to know him more intimately. It could turn out that he is better than anyone who has featured in your fantasies.

I am 16 and a half years old, and my penis is 4.3 inches long, 1.5 inch thick (when erect). When not, it shrinks to 1 inch in thickness. I have not grown a beard yet or developed muscles. I have experienced weight loss recently too. Am I developing signs of puberty? Why is my penis short?

Stop sounding like a tailor. Leave your genitals alone and focus on daily exercise and a healthy diet. The genitals will look after them? selves. You are already in your puberty years.

I am 18 years old and my testicles are larger than those I see in films. Should I be wearing a supporter all day long?

Do you watch movies with a ruler in one hand? Then why not measure ears and other parts of the body as well. If you have any doubt, see your doctor.

After having sex four times a day, I feel weak the next day. For about five minutes, my vision goes blank and I can’t see anything properly. Please help.

What do you expect? Shouts of hurray and I am a champion all over town?

My family is demanding that I get married. How can I ascertain if the girl is a virgin?

I suggest you don’t get married. Unless you appoint detectives, there is no way to find out. Spare any poor girl of your suspicious mind.

If a man and a woman masturbate at the same time, thinking about sex, can it lead to pregnancy?

There are no angels to carry your sperms to the person you are dreaming about. Fantasy gives you enjoyment, but does nothing more.

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