Start small, get creative when getting healthy, but don’t bite off too much | State and Regional News

But the latest recommendation is that the 30 minutes don’t have to be all at one time, Hirschbrunner said. It might be split into three 10-minute sessions, for instance.

In working with people, Raile starts “really small,” going for five or eight minutes. That’s a lot different than an hour. “But it’s a great recipe and it oddly builds on itself,” Raile said.

Sooner or later, 10 minutes of exercise is going to turn into 15 minutes or more, Hirschbrunner said.

The goal of one healthy choice each day also applies to food.

For instance, people might choose a salad over french fries, Hirschbrunner said.

One change “ends up snowballing into more healthy changes,” she said.

Hirschbrunner, who lives in Lincoln, works for EZ Nutrition, which has a contract with Grand Island Regional Medical Center.

People often say that healthy foods don’t taste great.

But Hirschbrunner begs to differ. She loves apples, which she usually enjoys by themselves. But apples are also a great snack with string cheese or a tablespoon of peanut butter, she says.

For breakfast, Hirschbrunner likes oatmeal, which can be enjoyed with dried fruits or nuts.

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