Keep your New Year’s weight loss resolution realistic | Allen County

A few of the most popular New Year’s resolutions include losing weight or eating healthier. However, they are also the most commonly broken. But there are ways to keep a realistic promise to your new health goals.

Abby Stemen, a Clinical Dietician at Lima Memorial Health System, says to keep steps of incorporating healthy habits attainable. She suggests eating fruits and vegetables or finding easy ways to be active. Stemen says the most important thing to remember is to not be overly restrictive. When people focus on “quick fixes” and cut out too much, they tend to fall off the path.

“I think you know it is easy to get discouraged but if you focus long term instead of short term, and just focus on your health instead of the number on the scale,” Stemen explains. “And just remember that you know, having a bad day doesn’t mean that it’s all out the window. You can always start over. You’re going to have bad days and you’re going to have good days but being consistent and focusing long term can really be beneficial.”

Stemen says improving your health should be an overall lifestyle change instead of just a diet. By finding what works in your daily life will create the most success in the long run.

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