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Something that the Famous, especially if they are from the royalty, is that they can organize large banquets in a row. The food, while delicious, can lead to excesses. For this reason, it is interesting to know how he did Lady di to keep your figure.

According to Reader’s Digest, Lady Di suffered from bulimia, but managed recuperate and eat a healthy and balanced diet. So what was your secret to stay in shape?

Fat free diet

Princess Diana was determined to follow a diet totally healthy. For that, he hired the former chef of the Queen isabel II.

When hiring him, he commissioned him to take care of the fatswhile she would take care of the carbohydrates in the gym. This meant that the chef had to prepare nutritious food avoiding Red meat.

Of course, this did not indicate that the princess abstain eating some of his favorite foods, but he did it with watch out, considering that your diet it was strict.

That is why, at the parties to which it was invited, he always managed to stay with the lighter foods.

But during meals that organized, he prepared himself saucer for all, with the difference that his plate contained a version of those fat-free foods, while those of his guests were prepared according to what is stipulated in the recipe.

In this way, the guests did not find out that there was two versions from the same plate. Thus, he managed to consume food low calorie so as not to overindulge, especially when it came to dishes rich in fat.

Exercise routine

In addition to the diet he was eating, exercise it was important to her. So he could keep fit and Burn calories.

In this way, thanks to a healthy feeding, a good exercise routine and help specialized, Princess Diana was able to organize and attend lavish dinners without losing her figure.

His favorite exercise routine, and one that still exists today, was to run. She went running every mornings through Kensington Gardens.

This routine is combined with exercises he did at home, such as sit-ups and others that involved performing strength.

Running was one of Princess Diana’s favorite exercises. Source: Shutterstock

Why are they still valid?

We all know that running strengthens cardiovascular capacity, avoiding problems and heart disease, in addition to burning calories. Doing strength exercises contributes to generating muscle mass, maintain it and also lose weight.

On the other hand, nutritionists always recommend eating with moderation and search healthy alternatives, and that’s what Lady Di did.

Currently, specialists recommend to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise routines to work the different parts of the body.

Another thing the princess did when she had eating problems was seek specialized help.

Therefore, before starting a weight loss diet or keep it, you have to look for the opinion specialized. The help of a nutritionist it is vital for design the menus and to know, according to each person’s condition, what foods can be eaten and which ones should be restricted.

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