Select A Diet Plan For 2021 That Suits You For Losing Weight

Losing weight is a new-year resolution for many people and to achieve the hard goal everyone works and puts-in a lot of effort. People are most cautious of their health now because of the pandemics. 

Many apps and programs regarding weight loss are now available in the market. But the selection of the best diet program for an individual is a tough choice. Besides, it depends upon individual physiology, psychology, socio-economic status, and many other factors. 

What Factors Make A Diet Plan Effective?

The success of a diet program, or app, depends upon whether it is practicable by the followers for a longer duration. However, every individual is different from the other, and not every diet plan is suitable for all. Different individuals will make use of multiple tactics to achieve their goals. 

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Yet, certain factors make dieting easy and practicable. Firstly, a diet plan must maintain a variety of foods as if diet cuts certain-food items then individuals start craving for them, and in the desire to eat them, they end up eating more of it. Secondly, the diet plan must be enjoyable, and individuals shall be motivated to follow it. 

Most importantly, individuals need to be patient losing weight is not an easy task, and results do not appear in hours or days. 

There are multiple weight loss programs that dieticians recommend. According to Wunder and Gillespie, the most popular recommended weight loss programs are WW, NOOM, Nutrisystem, Optavia, and Jenny Craig. The two dietitians make it clear that to lose weight, these programs are not essential. But these programs can help individuals who need guidance. 

WW And Noom Weight Loss Program

WW stands for Weight Watchers, and this program has been around for decades. The cost of a virtual-only program is about $17 per month, it offers few different plans. According to Gillespie, WW is most suitable for users as it allows a variety of food consumption. However, it can lead to adopting poor habits as it focuses on calorie intake rather than nutritional-intake.

Noom is another weight loss program that costs $59 per month, $99 for two months, or $140 for four months. It is available for a 14-day trial. Noom provides its users with guidance, learning tips, and yields positive outcomes. It also connects its users with social media, which can be beneficial for socially active people. But people who do not use social media will not be able to achieve their goals. 

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Nutrisystem, Optavia and Jenny Craig Diet Program

Nutrisystem is effective in weight loss and available at $200 a month. Yet you will need to buy kitchen staples and other items. According to Wunder, in Nutrisystem, meals are delivered to the door, and that is the only benefiting point of this weight loss program. Besides, it is not suitable in the longer run. 

Optavia-weight loss plan costs $400 per month, and costs include money spent on fresh products or proteins. According to Wunder, the products and plan convenience justifies the price. The program provides users with a coach and access to a nutritional support team. 

Optavia guides you and helps you achieve your weight loss goals. However, the diet plan is restrictive and does not recommend eating bars, shakes, cookies, pudding, cereals, and soups.

Jenny Craig costs around $390 per month, but if you want a coach, daily meals, and snacks, it will cost $670 per month. It enables users to adopt healthy eating habits. However, a premium is needed to access the full plan, and individuals need to be cautious of sodium levels intake. 


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