Is your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier? Local dietitian gives some tips for success

Dietitian Miranda Boyer said it’s important not to focus on fad diets, but rather making healthy changes to your diet

by: Samone Blair

Posted: Jan 2, 2021 / 06:40 AM EST
Updated: Jan 2, 2021 / 08:06 AM EST

(WKBN) – It’s the new year, a time when many people start focusing on those New Year’s resolutions.

Among the most common resolutions is to start eating healthier.

Local dietician Miranda Boyer said it is key to set rational goals so they can become long-term habits. She also said you shouldn’t completely cut foods you love or entire food groups. That will help you remain positive throughout the process.

“A lot of times, we go with low-carb or low-fat or excess protein or something where we’re eliminating whole food groups. You want to have variety for a healthful diet, so you need carbs, you need protein, you need fat,” she said.

Boyer suggests thinking of things you already do — like drinking water or eating vegetables — and further improving on them.

She discussed a framework to think about a person’s goals.

Boyer said you should choose goals that fit these five criteria — specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-oriented — or SMART, as an acronym.

Boyer said all diet-related resolutions do not need to be geared toward weight loss. She said people could aim to try making a new recipe every other week or taste one new food each month to spice up their diet.

Boyer also said there are some things that you don’t want to do when pertaining to your diet.

Goals should be realistic and help you turn changes into long-term habits. For that reason, she suggests avoiding fad diets when it comes to choosing a New Year’s resolution.

“They’re typically not sustainable, and they don’t provide lasting results because they’re usually so restrictive that it’s: one, harder to stick to, but then you also don’t want to feel bad when you’re not able to stick to it for long-term, and ultimately, if you’re trying to work toward building healthier habits, fad diets aren’t going to give you a habit to stick with,” she said.

Boyer also said you should be very careful when looking at diet information on social media or online. Sh has seen some advice that is unhealthy and said you should check to see if a dietician was involved in writing what you’re reading.

Boyer says if you have any questions about your diet, you can ask your general practitioner. People with certain health conditions — like diabetes — may also benefit from being referred to a dietician.

She recommended finding good nutrition tips on websites like or

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