PLAN AHEAD: Taste of Sicily


► Taste of Sicily

Learn how to make an authentic Sicilian caponata, a delicious and tangy mix of fried eggplant, onion, capers and olives in a sweet and sour tomato sauce. This dish is naturally vegan and gluten-free and can be served as a side dish or as a starter. Cook alongside chef Michael Sampson, an expert on Sicilian cuisine. Caponata is a dish with a rich and interesting history that has gone through many different guises — from a rich Baroque dish full of expensive and luxurious seafood all the way to the more humble vegetable dish it is today. January 4. Register on

► Try yoga

This Beginners Yoga Course is perfect for those completely new to yoga or those who haven’t been practising for a while and would like to refresh. You will learn basic yoga postures and learn breathing techniques. The benefi ts of the course are improved fl exibility and strength, improved posture and reduced stress and anxiety. January 4, 11.30 pm. Register on www.

► Write a screenplay

If you have a great idea for a movie which you wish to turn into a screenplay, join this Screenwriting Workshop where you will learn the fundamentals of storytelling. Participants will be introduced to the functions of a screenplay, cinematic storytelling principles, confl ict, theme, genre and tone and much more. January 5–9. Register on

► Learn wildlife photography

In this seminar titled Let’s Go to the Zoo, join Jared Powers as he demonstrates how to capture wildlife images while in a controlled environment. Jared will take you through the entire creative process from doing your research before you go looking for the best light for photography. If you love wildlife photography and are looking to improve your techniques, come along on this trip to the zoo. January 6. Register on

► Get fit

Start losing excess weight and improve your health and nutrition with Weekly Weight Loss Zoom Groups. Using a combination of nutrition, positive psychology and functional medicine interventions each week, the organisers will take an in-depth look into your lifestyle, diet, emotional wellbeing, stress, personal weight loss goals and obstacles. January 6. Register on www.


► Enjoy floral illustration

Learn the basics of using fl oral illustration to beautify your lettering style and create art pieces in this workshop titled Watercolour — Realistic Floral and Fruit Workshop. Watercolour allows you to play with colours in a way that gives you an opportunity to refresh your artistic skills. January 8, 5 pm. Rs 499. Sign up on www.

► On the draw

Little Hands presents Art Class For Ki ds where children will learn to integrate drawing, painting and various art techniques in an artwork. They will also learn mandala drawing and doodling, 3D drawing, drawing and painting Disney characters and nature drawing. Rs 275 onwards. Register on

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