This Bodybuilder Attempted Tom Hardy’s ‘Bane’ Diet Plan

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From Men’s Health

YouTuber Aseel Soueid regularly follows the extreme diets of some of Hollywood’s swolest leading men, including John Cena, Chris Evans, and Mark Wahlberg. In his latest video, Soueid tries out the bulking diet plan that self-confessed hardgainer Tom Hardy followed in his mission to put on muscle to play bad guy Bane in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises.

The diet comprises 6 meals in a single day, starting with 2 large eggs and 4 egg whites on 4 slices of toast, with mixed fruit and honey. “I have a feeling today’s challenge is not just going to be chicken and broccoli, which is fantastic,” he says.

The second meal is a more familiar entry from the bulking bro cookbook: steak, broccoli, and rice. “This might seem really basic, but it’s honestly one of my favorite meals,” says Soueid. “It’s a staple of mine… You can’t beat it, especially if you cook the steak properly.”

Photo credit: Men’s Health

The third meal is the a pre-workout shake with protein powder, peanut butter, and a banana. “If you are a hardgainer and struggle to put on weight because you have to consume so many calories, try including peanut butter in all your shakes,” he says. “It’s going to increase the calories and make it taste a lot better, without increasing the amount of volume you’re consuming.”

After his gym session, Soueid’s post-workout meal is another staple: chicken breast with more rice and broccoli. As he remarks: “Brown rice on top of chicken breast… I find myself doing this a lot.”

Meal number 5 is a tuna sandwich with mayo, lettuce and tomato. “You are never too famous for a tuna sandwich,” says Soueid, adding: “I actually hate tuna sandwiches. This is not my thing.”

The sixth and final meal of the day is oatmeal, blueberries, and a scoop of protein, bringing Soueid’s total calorie intake for the day to 3,300, consisting of 445 grams of carbs, 209 grams of protein, and 86 grams of fat.

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