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Weight woes no more, with cumin at your store! Did you know that the thin, tiny, brownish spice in your kitchen shelf had the potential to help you achieve weight loss? Well, as they say, appearances are indeed deceitful. Do not go by cumin’s tiny, humble appearance; bank upon its potential to work wonders for your body.

While cumins have an endless number of beneficial qualities, we furnish you with five fab reasons to include cumin to the weight loss diet plan. Take a look:

1. Antioxidant-rich: Thymoquinone- a naturally occurring chemical rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is an active element present in cumin; which is responsible for rendering cumin an excellent ingredient aiding in weight loss. The antioxidants lessen the risk of free radicals to the body and thereby prevent oxidation and inflammation.

2. Enhanced metabolism: Cumins are known to promote digestion. They enhance the secretion of digestive enzymes and ensure proper timely digestion. Cumins also induce the bile release from the liver and contribute to the digestion of fats and some nutrients in your intestine. It accelerates the metabolism and hence aids in digestion. So, you can trust cumins to burn your fats and help you lose those extra weights. Cumin is also known to take care of your heart health by improving blood cholesterol.

3. Boosts immunity: Cumins are rich in vitamin C, healthy fats, proteins; and also help regulate diabetes. Protein is a crucial element in the body. While you lose those extra kilos, cumins ensure that your body is not deprived of protein.

4. Rich in iron: Cumin is good for anemia. They ensure that the haemoglobin levels are proper in your body. Iron aid in mobilising oxygen in the bloodstream. Cumins also supply vitamin B and many other crucial minerals in our body. So, the exhaustion, dizziness that people often suffer from during weight loss regime, can be averted with the adequate intake of cumins. You can also make a jeera drink out of it and sip away to weight loss.

5. Keeps insomnia at bay: Cumins have a nutty, earthy texture and aroma. Incorporating cumin in your diet will aid you to sleep. They are very calming as they have essential oils in them which help in decreasing anxiety, stress and induce sleep. And in the process of letting your body sleep and rest, you can ensure your weight loss program is on the right track.

While you work your way to shedding weight, consumption of cumins ensure an overall healthy body.

Go ahead and enjoy nature’s produce- cumin in your diet for weight loss.

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