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While we all love to celebrate winter for the Christmas cheer it brings, one must admit that winter does take a toll on our skin if not tended well.

Mothers are most of the time so tied down with multiple stuff, that they often find it hard to squeeze in time for skincare. And with the pandemic situation in full swing, working from home, taking care of children, along with hundred other household chores keeping mothers occupied, skincare does take a back seat more often than not.

We present to you busy moms 5 winter skincare tips to get healthy glowing skin.

1. Exfoliation a must: Often due to the cold weather, we tend to skip this crucial step. But exfoliation is as important as moisturizing. Twice a week, make sure that you remove the dead tissues by exfoliating your face, neck, hands, legs, lips. You can opt for natural, mild exfoliating packs such as:

coconut oil, almond oil and sugarcurd, rice flour or gram flourhoney, lemon and sugar

2. Enhance moisturizers in your routine:

To get soft, supple skin, keep your skin hydrated with an ample amount of moisturizers. Apply a thick moisturizer, frequently. If you are one who applies moisturizer only post-bath and before going to bed, then you must increase the frequency.  You can opt for gel-based or cream-based moisturizer depending upon your skin type. You can use baby creams for this purpose as well. Use oil before applying moisture to trap the moisture.

3. Use essential oils: A wonderful way to soothe and rejuvenate your skin is to massage essential oils enriched with the goodness of plant. Get yourself drenched in the beautiful, soulful aroma of essential oil and let your skin derive its nutrition. Jojoba oil, lavender oil, rosemary oils are great for the skin. And massaging help stimulate blood circulation, thereby rendering your face a healthy glow.

4. Opt for homemade masks and organic products:

Most of the time, the skin gets damaged due to the overuse of chemical products. In our busy life schedule, we often tend to opt for some easily available products to get immediate relief. But it is important to switch to organic, natural remedies to protect your skin from further damage. Use coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine, aloe vera. Use cucumber or potato slices on your eyes, to get the radiance back.

Don’t throw away the green tea bags, and re-use it, later on, to rub it on your face and neck. It pampers your skin with antioxidants and keeps it toned.

5. Use lukewarm water: Using lukewarm water instead of hot showers is always advisable. Skin tends to get drier with hot water. Also, drink lukewarm water and keep your body hydrated from within as well. Use a humidifier if possible to ensure moisture level in the air around the room.

Winter requires you to take special care of your skin to combat the harsh, frigid weather. Follow these easy, beneficial tips and give your skin the much-needed love.

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