Weight loss: Husband makes wife lose weight for New Year’s resolution

A size eight woman was left stunned by her husband’s suggestion she lose weight and “track calories” as her New Year’s resolution for 2021. 

The Christmas and New Year’s period is notorious for being that time of year where all diets fly out the window.

Even the healthiest people tend to overindulge on festive foods and too much alcohol.

So it’s only natural that when January 1 rolls around, a lot of us make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and exercise more (regardless of whether we actually stick to it!)

Now a devastated wife has revealed her husband’s cruel suggestion that she lose weight and “track calories” as her New Year’s resolution, despite the woman already having a healthy size-eight figure.

Taking to Reddit, she said her husband’s demand had made her feel “extremely self-conscious”.

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The woman revealed her husband had demanded she start tracking calories. Source: iStock.

Wife told to go on a diet by husband

In a lengthy post, the woman revealed she was left reeling by the suggestion.

“Yesterday when talking about New Year’s resolutions, my husband told me he thinks mine should be to diet with him,” she said.

“Cut out carbs and sugar etc, and track all my calories.

“I already eat what I consider fairly healthy. For example, a typical day’s diet will consist of toast with butter and honey, a salad for lunch, banana for snack, roast chicken and veggies for dinner and a hot chocolate to end my day.”

The woman also revealed she wears a size 8 to 10 depending on the brand.

“I do eat some junk food, think a bag of chips a week, fries once or twice a month etc, but nothing too crazy,” she said.

“I also go for a jog about three times a week. I’m not overweight…but I will admit I don’t have washboard abs or anything.”

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“I’m now extremely self-conscious”

The woman explained that while her husband was a fitness fanatic and loved to go on diets, they hadn’t worked for her in the past.

“I do support him when he diets and cooks keto dinners for both of us, but when I’ve tried keto full time and skip eating bread entirely I feel sick and burn out and binge,” she said.

“I don’t think cutting entire groups full time is healthy for me even if it would help me lose weight. I enjoy my little treats once in a while.”

She also revealed the conversation had left her feeling incredibly down.

“Before I felt fine about my body but now that he was telling me he wants us both to be sexy, I feel like trash,” she said.

“I don’t want to be intimate now and feel extremely self-conscious.”

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The wife revealed diets had never worked for her before. Source: iStock. 

Husband’s demands slammed by Reddit user

Reddit users were shocked by the husband’s actions, telling the woman she had every right to be upset.

“He might be projecting his self-image on you. Make it clear that you’re happy the way you are,’ one user wrote.

“You’re a size 8? Dude, your husband sucks. That’s so shallow,” fumed another.

Added a third: “Your weight is fine. I suspect he wants to lose weight and thinks he won’t stick to it if you’re not doing the same thing next to him.”

Meanwhile, others encouraged her to have another conversation with her husband about his true intentions behind the comment.

Clearly buoyed by the support, the woman later provided an update.

“He wants to shed it in the New Year, but says it was wrong to project that on me. I’m going to keep cooking dinners that are diet-friendly for us to share,” she wrote, explaining he admitted to being out of line.

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